Traditional IRA Solutions/Roth IRA for Bothell Residents

Life can be difficult after you stop receiving a regular paycheck. However, it does not have to be so! Sensible money management and investment planning during your working years can ensure a comfortable post-retirement life for you.

Depending on your age, savings amount and tax bracket, you can invest in traditional IRA solutions/Roth IRAs. It is important thing that you do not rush into any investment and money management decision. You must consult a competent financial advisor to understand the technicalities of IRA solutions/Roth.

This is where Randy D Busch comes in. We are a leading Edwards Jones financial advisor and the best right person to ask about IRA solutions/Roth in Bothell, WA. Determined to helping you use the ideal savings vehicle for your retirement planning needs, we assure you of:

  • Clear, detailed information
  • Unbiased advice
  • Honest, expert management of IRA account

Contact us with all your queries regarding IRA solutions/Roth in Bothell.

Are You Ready for 401k Rollover to IRA in Bothell?

Planning to move to a new job and wondering what to do with the money in your 401k account? Get in touch with us.

We can help you with 401k rollover to IRA solutions/Roth. You could also encash the savings, move them to the new employer’s plan or leave the money in the old plan. 401k rollover in Bothell tends to be more beneficial as you get a wider selection of investment options.

Management and monitoring of retirement savings also becomes much easier after a 401k rollover to traditional IRA solutions/Roth. We can help you know and evaluate all the factors that affect the feasibility of 401k rollover for your situation.

These include the:

  • Investment options
  • Expenses and fees
  • Tax consequences
  • Withdrawal regulations

Come to Us for Your Retirement Money Management in Bothell

Retirement is the last thing on your mind when you start working. The fact, however, is that you should start with retirement planning and money management as soon as you begin to earn.

Timely retirement planning and shrewd money management in Bothell is crucial if you want to:

  • Live comfortably and independently post-retirement
  • Be prepared for unforeseen medical expenses in old age
  • Maintain same lifestyle as now even after retirement

We are the knowledgeable and experienced financial planner that you can rely on for prudent money management that protects your best interests.

To learn more about 401k rollover and traditional IRA solutions/Roth, Bothell residents should call Randy D Busch at (425) 415-1533.