Estate Planning Kirkland

Death and taxes are two topics that nobody is happy to think or talk about. Leaving behind a positive and substantial legacy is, meanwhile, something everyone wants to do.

However, it is surprising that a great number of people neglect estate planning in Kirkland, WA and elsewhere. Caught up in their hectic life, they tend to ignore preparing properly for what could or would happen as the life ends.

Studies reveal that more than half of Americans do not have any will, medical directives or estate & legacy strategies. And, the sad consequences of disregarding estate planning are visited upon their loved ones.

Make sure of planning your estate, whether you are uber-wealthy or a person with an average income if you do not want to leave behind problems for your nearest and dearest. The key areas to address in your estate planning in Kirkland are –

  • Asset disposition
  • Updating beneficiary designations
  • Business succession plan
  • Preparing for incapacitation or terminal illness

Planning Your Estate Kirkland

Planning your estate allows you to minimize end-of-life issues for yourself and protect your heirs from needless disputes or legal complications after you are gone. Proper estate & legacy strategies also go a long way in reducing expenses during asset transfer to your dependents/heirs.

When planning your estate in Kirkland, it is best to get the assistance of experienced professionals if you want to optimize your benefits from estate planning. With DIY blogs on almost every subject available freely online, you might think there is no need to have a ‘pro’ by your side to get on with planning your estate.

The fact, however, is that only someone with in-depth knowledge of estate planning can help you review all your options and draw up a plan that is:

  • Comprehensive
  • Properly structured
  • Legally enforceable

Kirkland Estate & Legacy Strategies

Randy D Busch is a trusted name for expert help in creating sound estate & legacy strategies in Kirkland. An Edward Jones financial advisor, we can help you:

  • Understand the complicated process of estate planning
  • Prioritize your goals regarding the estate
  • Make investment plans aligned with estate & legacy strategies

We work alongside your CPA as well as attorney to develop estate & legacy strategies that work best for your financial situation, family conditions, wishes for care in old age or incapacitation, and specific end-of-life decisions.

Thinking of planning your estate in Kirkland but do not know how to go about it? Randy D Busch can help. Call us at (425) 415-1533 now!