Newsletters * Copywriting * Typography

Newsletters help you stay in touch with loyal customers and curious prospects. Your newsletters can offer news, product reviews, customer testimonials and more. Newsletters build customer trust through education and problem solving. Company newsletters can contain links to your website videos and other information.

Starting and managing newsletters takes time and energy.  Someone must create it and send it to customers on a regular basis.  At iLocal, Inc. we will design, write and manage your company newsletters.

  • Copywriting for articles, product reviews, testimonials and more
  • Design with your custom logo and other graphics
  • Management including regular e-mail mailings to customers and prospects
  • Typography for a professional look and layout
  • Proofreading and editing, so you don’t have to waste time spellchecking

Keep your customers updated on the latest news about your company.

Contact your Web Design Specialist at 253.218.7989. You’ll get a free on-site consultation.

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