How to Get a High Organic Website PageRank


A high PageRank can potentially drive more qualified buyers to your website. The term PageRank comes from its inventor Larry Page. He invented the algorithm for Page ranking at Stanford University. He and Sergey Brin started Google in the late 90’s. The organic website PageRank assigns your website pages with numerical weighting. Page ranking measures a website pages’ importance within a hyperlinked set. The organic website PageRank system is 1-10. Ten is the highest PageRank you can get. Here are some ways to get a high PageRank.


Link Building • Article Submissions • Social Bookmarking


In the search engine optimization community link building is #2 to relevant content. Link building refers to getting other websites to link to your site. When high quality links link to your website search engines believe your website is an authority. Link building shows search engines you also have relevant content. However if you try to fool search engines you’ll pay for it.


Search engines like organic link building. This is where other high quality websites naturally link to yours. Search engines like Google aren’t too hot about paid link building. This is where a link building company gets other websites to put your link on their websites. The search engines may view this as “black hat SEO.” Black hat SEO is any search engine optimization done outside the rules of search engines. Another black hat SEO no-no is keyword stuffing.


Don’t get me wrong. Using a paid link building service is the smart way to establish a link building strategy. Smart link building companies use organic or natural link building tactics. A typical link building company will have get website links just like yours. Smart link building companies get links within your industry. This is what is called organic or natural link building.  Article submissions is another great way to naturally affect your PR.  These articles in effect are affiliated back to your domain and can be hyperlinked via relevant keywords.  The saturation of relevant keywords through article submissions can get your site ranking for certain keywords in a matter of time.  


Organic link building is a great way to increase the authority for each page of your website. And here’s something many business owners don’t know about their website. Effective link building is done for each page of your website. Not just your home page. Proper link building will help you reach a higher PageRank.


Relevant Content • Page Titles, Keywords, Descriptions


In business “cash is king”. In search engine optimization relevant content is king. Search engine optimization companies and business owners can never forget something. You can have all the SEO bells and whistles you want. Real people are looking for real information when they visit your site. If all you have are great graphics, flash and widgets, they are worthless for local or national SEO PageRank.

Give your qualified buyers the gift of relevant content. They’ll stay on your website longer. The longer they stay on your website the more likely they’ll buy from you. A good organic website with relevant content will do better than one with fancy bells and whistles. People want products and services that will solve their problems, search engines also want the same thing.  Only relevant content will do this.  I’m talking about website content and marketing video. Both must show a clear solution for a customer.  Do this and your organic website PageRank will rise.


Internet Marketing Videos


If you’re a business owner and you’re just getting into the website game, I’ve got good news. Google owns You Tube! What does this mean for you? If you have solid internet marketing videos for each page of your website you can increase your PageRank. Remember Google loves relevant content.  Relevant content doesn’t always have to be in words.


Did you know 40% of the world’s population is visual? For these folks seeing how something can solve their problems will cause them to hit the order button. Use your internet marketing videos wisely. Your website marketing videos should show how your product/service solves a customer problem. Qualified visitors and customers will keep coming back. And you’ll make more money while getting a higher PageRank.




Increased Search Engine Crawling



Here’s a benefit few business owners know about having good relevant content within all pages of your website. Search engines will increase their crawling of your website and archive. Search engines use spiders to crawl each page of your website for good solid relevant content.   The more they find the more they store or index and take your websites name back to the search farm. If they see your website has continuous relevant content they’ll increase they’re crawling. 

It works like this

Imagine spiders coming across a throng of small bugs. They’d eat as much as they could and keep coming back for more. Why? The supply is too rich. They know they can count on an excellent food source for a long time. The same is true with local, national and international search engines. The more relevant content they keep finding on your website the more they’ll keep crawling your pages. Search engines work better than any world government. They look out for the best interests of qualified buyers and customers. 


“There is nothing like good local service.”