Are You Stuck in the "Sandbox"?

Website marketers and SEO professionals deal with a common problem with new websites.  They discover a new way to increase their Google PR or page rank.  And everyone rushes to implement the same strategies.  One example of this is with back links.  Back linking is one of the top SEO strategies on the web.  Why are they so important?

When other respected websites link to yours it shows you have a high website authority.  These websites are telling their own visitors you're a trusted source for relevant content on certain topics.  Naturally everyone rushes to get as many respected back links as they can.    They're hoping to increase their Google page rank.  In SEO circles this is known as the "Google Sandbox."


Waiting in the Google Sandbox


Have you ever been to a crowded park?  Many children are busy playing in the sandbox.  It's so crowded parents have to look around for their child.  Due to the high number of children it may take time for parents to find their child.  The same is true with search engines and new websites with many back links.  It can take 3-6 months for search engines to find your website and increase your page rank.  In the meantime you're stuck waiting for your back link strategy to kick in.  Why does this happen?

When you launch a new website Google's algorithms sets new website ranking factors and your back links on a provisional rank.  This is done until your website and back links prove to be valuable to potential readers.  In time you'll gain higher page rankings from other valuable websites.  This can be very frustrating in the short term.


Continue the Back Link Strategy


If you have a new website its not uncommon for your website to have a page rank of zero for several months.  While your website is waiting in the "sandbox" it won't appear as if your back link strategy is working.  You'll be tempted to think your back link strategy was a waste of time and money.  Be patient while waiting in the Google Sandbox.  After a few months the Google filters or ranking factors will decrease.  You'll start to see your website page rankings increase.


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