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We decided to offer our own web design service for these 6 reasons

1.  We provide professional knowledge and web design resources.
2.  Experience with search engine optimization.
3.  Dependable web design project management.
4.  Familiar with online marketing strategies.
5.  We realize the importance of website maintenance and updates.
6.  Less cost in long run. 

Website Design

iLocal, Inc.  will merge our customers website design ideas together and create a website that meets our INTERACTIVE and INNOVATIVE standards. This standard begins with what we call A-Z Website Design.  All custom website designs are technically crafted by an iLocal Web Developer. Our subscribers' website design needs are the foundation of what it means to be powered by iLocal.

The iLocal Web Design team is made up of tech savvy Internet minded individuals who specialize in small business website design. Each web developer is trained to design each iLocal website in a technical and creative manner. The purpose of this Web Development team is to help each local customer build a profitable website. Become part of our website portfolio today!

iLocal's Web Development is about the Local Internet User

The whole purpose of our indepth writing and interview process is for your web design project to be stumbled upon by the local internet user.  A carefully crafted message needs to be included as a part of your web development.  It's important for each page of your website design to be rich with content.  It is this specific content that is so important to our web development team.  A carefully crafted message is what will jump start the usage of your website by local internet user. 

There are 5 basic gears to any Web Development project

1. Optimized Page Titles

2. Relevant Page Headlines

3. Supportive Content

4. Relevant Keywords

5. Relevant Meta Descriptions

It is the combination of these 5 gears that each web developer of ours will assure for any projects.  Without the basic foundation of our 5 gear system no website can be jump started to the path of the local internet user.  So many developers make such wonderful visual products but fail the customer with no local search plug-in.  Each of our web developers take the considerable amount of time needed to plug each of these 5 gears to every single page of your website.  It is this time tested belief in strong website design that makes iLocal, Inc. one of the most complete Web Development companies in North America. 

It's a proven fact:

Your customers will remember your web address before your telephone number.  Brand your business today and for tomorrow with a professional website address.  A professional web presence will make it easier for any repeat and referral customer base to find your company if they need your type of business services in the future.  Times are changing... get powered by iLocal, Inc. today! We will take care of all your special needs.

“There is nothing like good local service.”