If You Have Your Website Hacked…Call Us!


Having your website hacked can be a nightmarish situation for any website owner in Boise, ID. While the initial effects of hacking might not be very obvious, it can soon have some seriously damaging outcomes.

Google may put out a warning ‘This site may be hacked’, and the general reputation of your site then decreases. As the damage from having their website hacked spreads, Boise businesses may be left facing a crashed website, lost customers, and destroyed credibility.

Thankfully, iLocal, Inc. is here to spare Boise residents such trouble if and when they get their website hacked. We know how to fix a hacked website and can:

  • Fix small sites as well as big, complex websites
  • Work on any platform for website malware removal
  • Deal with all sorts of hacking attacks

We minimize the losses you suffer after getting your website hacked and get your Boise business/blog up and running again.

Why Call Us For Website Repair When You Wonder "Have I Been Hacked?"


Most website owners only start wondering ‘Have I been hacked?’ after their Boise website starts having problems. There may be some strange changes in website appearance and functionality that raise the question ‘Have I been hacked?’ Let us help you get your Boise website back on track.

When you come to us asking ‘Have I been hacked?’ or if you have concerns about the safety of your Boise business or blog, we give you personalized attention. We serve you with dedicated hacked website repair specialists who work to ensure:

  • You no longer have to ask ‘Have I been hacked?’
  • Google removes 'This site may be hacked’ from your Boise website
  • Your target customers have no problem accessing or using your site
  • The site is secured against future attacks by hackers

Does Google say "this site may be hacked" about your website?


Nobody wants to have their Boise website hacked and or to have Google tag their site with ‘This site may be hacked’. Still, these things can happen. Instead of panicking, the affected website owner should get immediate help to fix the broken website from our experienced professionals.

We have helped many Boise websites that were flagged with ‘This site may be hacked’ recover their lost:

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Reliability

Stop wondering ’Have I been hacked?’ and call us if Google flags your site with ‘This site may be hacked’. We'll get you back on track in no time.

iLocal, Inc. is the expert Boise residents call if they have their website hacked. Dial (206) 790-1999 for help.